5 things to remember your first week at a new job

Getting a new job is so exhilarating, fulfilling… and sometimes such a relief! It’s a huge accomplishment and you deserve to celebrate. So after you indulge in mimosas, steak and cake, let’s get you ready to take on that new position. These are the 5 things you should keep in mind your first week at a new job.


When you’re working amongst a group of talented people, what can differentiate you from everyone else is your enthusiasm. This is especially important, not only when you’re the new person at a company, but also when you’re new in your overall career. It is common to be asked to run errands, pick up coffee for clients and be buried under administrative work when you’re in an entry-level position. Your team and managers want to know that you’re approachable and reliable. So bring your positivity and willingness when it comes to doing any task.  Sighing, eye-rolling and asking things like “Is that part of my job description?” is simply not appropriate. The worst thing you can do is appear as if you’re not interested… because there are plenty of people who would probably kill for your job. So be a sponge and learn from every responsibility you’re given – even if it’s just figuring out how to get around LA more efficiently.

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Another way to stand out and get people to remember you is greeting them by their first name.  Try your best to remember people’s names and faces as you’re being introduced to them.  When you see them in the hall or pass by their desk, don’t just say Hi.  Say “Hi, <name>”.  It’s simply good manners. And people are always surprised when you’re new the new kid in town and you remember their name… especially when they don’t remember yours right away.


I cannot tell you how many times I’ve trained someone where they didn’t take any notes. It does not matter how great your memory is. TAKE NOTES. You’re not expected to remember every single thing you’re taught right away, but it can be extremely irritating to the person who trained you when you ask a question about something they clearly went over… and they noticed you weren’t taking notes during the session. When you’re working in a fast-paced environment, time is such a precious commodity. If someone took an hour out of their schedule to train you, be respectful of their time by paying attention and taking notes on what they’re teaching you.

Take Notes


Saving files on the server, keeping your email organized, adding client contact information to your phone… these are just some of the best practices that you should make into habits right away.  You’ll be surprised how quickly time passes and how easy it is to let simple tasks like these get out of control. Make your life easier by getting on top of little maintenance items from the beginning.


During your first week, your team or managers may want to take you out to lunch.  Whether they do or don’t, avoid having to cancel plans with friends by not making any plans in the first place.  And save your personal errands for after work. It is possible that you get pulled into last minute meetings or are asked to take on an urgent task right away.  You just never know. It’s always good to give a first impression that you’re flexible and available. So pack a lunch and some snacks or be ready to grab something quick from the local deli.

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That’s it. Five simple tips to keep in your back pocket whenever you start a new job. Go get em! <3

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