All Natural Homemade Dog Treats

My favorite times in the office are when my coworkers bring their dogs in. It's always a nice surprise to be able to hold a little pup in your arms after a long meeting. I've been making these all natural homemade dog treats, which I debuted at our office Christmas party last year, and they've been ...

Killer Sprinkles Conversation Hearts JewelryHow perfect are these conversation heart charms from Killer Sprinkles? I think these are so sweet to give to your team or fave coworkers on Valentines day. They’re inexpensive but super thoughtful, and I love the cheeky little sayings on them… HELL NO.. NAPS… NETFLIX… TREAT YO SELF. What girl can’t relate to these?

My talented friend Ashling started Killer Sprinkles a year ago this month. She hand makes these itty bitty jewelry pieces out of clay that resemble her favorite foods and desserts. I love that she found this outlet for her creativity. It’s so important to have something fun to turn to outside of work – that’s exactly why I started this blog. Since it’s debut, Killer Sprinkles has been featured on Buzzfeed and gained popularity on Instagram. I’m so excited to see this baby grow.

In celebration of Killer Sprinkles’ birthday, Ash is inviting Agency Addicts readers to the party with 10% off for the entire month of February. Use Promo Code: HAPPYBIRTHDAY. 

Killer Sprinkles Conversation Hearts Jewelry - HELL NOKiller Sprinkles Conversation Hearts Jewelry - TREAT YO SELFKiller Sprinkles Conversation Hearts Jewelry - NAPSKiller Sprinkles Conversation Hearts Jewelry

These conversation hearts are fabulous, especially if you’re buying several gifts at once for your team; but I also love some of the new items in the store like this lollipop charm and this conversation heart bracelet. Cute right? So show some love and pick up a handmade gift for a special girlfriend or coworker this Valentines day. <3

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