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I have this big appreciation for beautiful packaging. Sometimes I end up liking the box it came in more than the actual product itself… like a toddler. Seems kind of hoarder-ish that I keep all these empty boxes, but I think anyone working in marketing, advertising or any other creative industry can relate.

My favorites include anything from Tokidoki and Kat Von D makeup packaging. Basically stuff with vibrant illustrations, made with a thick sturdy stock. The problem is keeping all this cute packaging takes up a lot of space. So I took these photos of my beloved collection and did a major purge in the name of KonMari.

I’ve finished Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and while I now have this constant urge to purge, I’ve honestly been very anxious with the whole idea of taking a category of items and dumping it ALL out onto my floor to sort through. This idea really scares me. Based on the book, I’m supposed to start with clothes… I think I’d need a couple PTO days just to get through that. So I decided to start with something small…like all this packaging I’ve collected over the years. This seemed much more feasible to tackle and I knew I could gather all of it together in one place. I ended up keeping that large Tokidoki box that my rain boots came in- it still brings me joy when I pick it up, so there. But everything else went into the trash… and I feel pretty darn good with my first step toward tidying. Having these photos does help.

Goodbye, sweet little Tokidoki Hello Kitty blind boxes. Farewell, beautiful housing for my first Gorillaz vinyl figure. Thank you all for encasing my purchased goods in the most gorgeous, colorful, artistic way.

Cool packaging - tidying with KonMariCool packaging - tidying with KonMariCool packaging - tidying with KonMaricool packaging - Love these makeup boxes. Trying to tidy up my kimono using the KonMari method.Cool packaging - decluttering with KonMariCool packaging - decluttering with KonMariCool packaging - decluttering with KonMari

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