Healthy Snacks for the office

It’s so easy to eat junk at work, especially when you’re stressed or busy, which is not at all uncommon in agency life. It’s unavoidable… if it’s not candy or soda out of the vending machine, it’s leftover bagels and pastries from the morning client meetings. None of that is going anywhere, so we’ve been trying something new at work. We’ve been getting healthy snacks delivered to the office through Amazon Fresh.

I make an order each week and spend just a little over $50 each time. We have 25 people in the office I work out of, so it’s usually plenty. I love being able to get fresh fruit delivered to the office. One thing to keep in mind is that Amazon Fresh doesn’t always keep the same products in stock – it changes week to week. But I actually like that about it because I’m such a creature of habit that this forces me to try new things on a regular basis.

I put together a shopping list for you guys of what I ordered over the past few weeks. The avocado toast was really popular amongst my coworkers. I just got a couple loaves of whole wheat bread, avocados and lemon pepper/ red pepper flakes as toppings. It was also fun having my coworkers clustered up in the kitchen making toast together. Kind of refreshing since we’re all usually too busy checking our email to interact with each other outside of meetings.

Healthy SnacksThe almond butter was another office favorite. I’ve gotten both apples and bananas to go with the little packets of Justin’s Almond Butter, but they’re also fun to eat on their own. Larabars and Chobani greek yogurt are great for the office too because you can get so many different flavors. The Larabars don’t spoil quickly, so I like being able to get those when there’s a long weekend and I know not a lot of people are going to be in the office.

Hope you enjoyed this post. I plan to keep posting new shopping lists as I order more snacks for our office, so keep an eye out. What are you guys eating at work?


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